Quattro Double Boot System

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Custom Build Power Block Dual Logic Double Boot Engineer Design Polymer Tough Tour Tested Super Tough Award Winning Quad Zone Spring Release Flex Plate

**Please note - since we have a variety of liners available, they are to be ordered separtely.  Click here to view the liners we have available.**

Provides high performance and comfort in a very safe & stable package. FM Boots outlast all others providing years of service. Now available in build-yourself kit format, the Quattro has years of proven performance and safety at the highest levels of water skiing.  Pro Tour tested with a proven resume of World or  National Records and Pro Tour wins.  The Quattro is the choice of Australian Record Holder, Champion and Pro Event Winner  Nick Adams.

Please order your boot liners of choice separately 


  • Closure Style
    • Elastic Lacing/Cord Lock
      • Buckle closure on the cuff, elastic lacing all the way up the lower boot shell. Very hydro-dynamic and light.
    • Three Buckles/Elastic Lacing
      • Buckle closure on the cuff, one buckle on the lower shell as well as lacing. Optimal setup
    • Full Buckle Enclosure
      • Buckle closure on the cuff, two on the lower shell as well as toe lacing. Recommended for most adjust-ability and security.
  • Sole Plate Style
    • Single Plate - Both boots on one single in-line plate
    • Dual Logic/ Split Soles - Each boot is one a sole plate with clever interlocking center joint. When one boot releases, the other automatically follows. 
    • Single Plate - Lighter weight sculpted plate may be specified on request for additional 1/2 hour of shop time. 

Quattros are built to custom order - allow 2-3 weeks for shipment. Systems are hand made using custom machined (CNC) parts. Manufacturing and handling marks may be present on plates or parts.

Please note that for some HO ski's and Radar skis an extra ski adapter. This is found in Parts & more.

Important Production Notice:
We appreciate you visiting Fluid Motion Sports!
Like many other businesses, staff shortages has challenged the way we normally fulfill orders.  In order to deliver a superior tailored product and enhance staff productivity for the 2023 season, this product will be assembled and dispatched within three production cycles:
May 29-Jun 5
July 10–24
September 4–22.
Our clients remain our top concern, and we anticipate a fantastic waterski season.
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