Quattro : Snap-in Performance

The legend of great skiing continues to grow!  Providing solid edging and some magic for buoy gobbling leans, the comfort and safety of the time-tested FM Quattros is hard to beat.  Add durability to the legendary lore as well. FM Boots outlast all others providing years of reliable, pro circuit proven service. 

Also available in build-yourself kit format, the Quattro has years of proven performance and safety at the highest levels of water skiing. The Quattro is the choice of Nick Adams, a many-time Australian Champion, Record Holder and Pro Event Winner.

  • Includes FM QUATTRO double boots assembled to your specifications
  • High quality binding sole plate with CNC'd fittings
  • Ski attachment plates, release system and Velcro HTH pad. 
  • Screws, washers and two-sided adhesive for fastening binding plate to ski
  • View the instruction manual online in our support area. 

Waterski Binding and Boot Sizing Chart

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