REVO: Sensational and Secure

REVO brings the highest performing and most versatile line of boots to water, with an unprecedented feature list:

  • Robust TPU boot with machined sole or sole plate for a secure platform
  • High performance buckle or lace closure options
  • Adjustable toe position using clamp or power block
  • Adjustable heel position in a release or fixed configuration
  • Innovative slotted micro-adjust alloy plate with grip washers
  • Matched to options of proven liner technology and custom colors

Designed specifically for high intensity slalom or trick skiing, the FM REVO Boot Systems will take you to the top.REVO's durable construction and high-performance materials will keep you there. Choose from the REVO models ST, MAX, Air, Direct or the brand new Revo 500. When you ski REVO you are sure to be destined for success.

Waterski Binding and Boot Sizing Chart

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