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I visited a busy sport store in Vancouver today, aptly named "Sports Junkies" Of course I could be accused of being a “Sports Junky” myself as a water/snow skier - turned boarder, a surfer who is a swimmer & cyclist that loves to run after. Even a hockey player who swings a tennis racquet or golf club from time to time in the off-season.  You won’t see me pass up a good soccer match either! Seriously though, I was at “Sports Junkies” to a) Try some Full Tilt ski boots and b) Talk to the owners to see if they...

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Injury Prevention 101 for waterskiing. Waterskiing can be very hard on your body and if you’re not conditioning to maintain peak strength and flexibility there is probably going to be a painful price to pay! The key to controlling your form starts with a solid core. Because waterskiing can put strains on your body that conventional athletic training may not take into account a skier’s training needs to address the positioning and forces placed on the body that are unique. The 5 exercises below will ensure that your have a strong core while improving functional strength and flexibility. Complete 8...

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