What Liner is right for you?

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What Liner is right for you?

With winter season on its way, staying comfortable is a luxury that many strive for. Liners are a great help here. Standing on ski’s all day normally is not something considered comfortable that is where liners come in. It is important to get that comfort but also keep the performance and ability to put pressure where needed.

Liners are molded to an individual’s feet so they for individual use only. Hence the liner chosen should fit the individuals needs and wants. First question you should ask yourself is: “What am I going to use the liner for?”

skiing, snowboarding, water-skiing or snowshoeing.

Intuition Boot Liner : Luxury - Fluid Motion Sports - Sproat Lake

Let’s start with the first one, Skiing. With skiing we want to look at your boot, foot/shin and what type of skiing. Firstly, look at the amount of space in the boot, this would determine weather you would need a low volume, medium volume or high volume boot.

Intuition Boot Liner : Powerwrap (Shiny Black) - Fluid Motion Sports - Sproat Lake

Next look at your foot type, if you have skinnier shins a wrap type would be better to fill up volume around the shin (picture above) or if you have a bigger shin or a shin ski boot strap a tongue style would fit better. There is also a liner specifically designed with women calf's in mind, this would be the Godiva. There are a couple of liners specifically designed for thinner/lower volume feet. Lastly, we would look at what type of skiing you will be doing this would make the liner stiffer or softer.

Intuition Boot Liner : Luxury with Laces - Fluid Motion Sports - Sproat Lake

For Snowboarding, again the amount of space in the boot would determine whether you would need low/medium/high volume. I would suggest go with tongue style liners just to avoid bulky shin areas that are a bit more difficult to tie up with laced boots. Again, if you have a smaller foot volume there are liners specifically designed for this.

 Intuition Boot Liner : Mukluk - Fluid Motion Sports - Sproat Lake

Intuition has made a great liner for snowshoeing the MukLuk this liner is softer and a bit more flexible to take you through those long trips.

 LINER: FM TOUR20 Water-Ski

For water-skiing, again would depend on the amount of space in the boot. But the thinner the liner the better the connection to the boot. This is also depended on your own personal preference. There are differences in buckle height so the liner should correspond to this. The FM Tour custom is specifically designed to fit with low ankle bindings.

Liner: FM Tour Custom - RS Rear Low-Profile - Fluid Motion Sports - Sproat Lake


If you would like to know more about liners or have problems choosing please don’t hesitate to contact us! 😊



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