Liner: FM Tour-Pro Water Ski by Intuition

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Heat Mold Air Cell EVA Foam Super Light

The Tour Pro is an exclusively FM designed liner using Intuition's EVA foam. The FM Tour-Pro liners have proven to be a best-seller with slalom and trick water-skiers alike. 

The Tour Pro is designed to give great mold-ability and durable performance. The Tour-Pro is perfect for low volume fit, putting you closer to the boot, the ski and the water. The overlap style liner is far superior to any tongue designs after a short break-in period. Overlapping wrap closures function best as there are two layers of foam between your lower shin and the top straps/laces of shell-style boots. 

Tour-Pros are manufactured with approx liner heights as follows (measured from floor of boot to top of liner, at the Achilles):

Sizing Description             Height    Colors Avail.
Cut 1  (XS- small)                ~ 7 1/4"   (Violet, Grey,Pink)
Cut 2  (small to medium)     ~ 7 1/2"   (Violet, Blu, Grey, Red)
Cut 3  (med/small to large)  ~ 8"         (Violet, Blu, Grey, Red)
Cut 4  (med to x-large)         ~ 8 1/4"   (Blu, Grey, Red)  

For appropriate fit, these liners must be heat molded from new. (The factory mold is a  generic shape/very short)



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