Liner: FM Tour-Pro Water Ski (by Intuition)

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Heat Mold Air Cell EVA Foam Super Light

The Tour Pro is an exclusive offering by FM and made by Intuition. The FM Tour-Pro liners have proven to be a best-seller with slalom and trick water-skiers alike. 

The Tour Pro is designed to give great mold-ability and durable performance. The Tour-Pro is perfect for low volume fit, putting you closer to the boot, the ski and the water. The overlap style liner is far superior to any tongue designs after a short break-in period. Overlapping wrap closures function best as there are two layers of foam between your lower shin and the top straps/laces of shell-style boots. 

Tour-Pros are manufactured for a performance cuff level and may require trimming of the hardshell boot cuff in some cases.  Approx liner heights as follows (measured from floor of boot to top of liner, at the Achilles):

Sizing Description             Height    
Cut 1  (XS- small)                ~ 7 1/4"  
Cut 2  (small to medium)     ~ 7 1/2"   
Cut 3  (med/small to large)  ~ 8"        
Cut 4  (med to x-large)         ~ 8 1/4"   

For appropriate fit, these liners must be heat molded from new. (The factory mold is a generic shape)

Have a look at the FM Tour20 liners, a very similar liner to the Tour-Pro but 20% thinner (low volume).



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