Ski Nautique 200 boat setup and the ultimate ski rig.

Ski Nautique 200 boat setup and the ultimate ski rig.

Enter a Ski Nautique 200 this summer after locating one in WA state. Specs are '15 Team Edition OB, with EX343 engine, 654 prop. First ski was a shock. Heavy bump at 28off, lots of spray and my ski fin was slipping out on the foam sections before the wake.  So investigation ensued and here's what was done:

1. Rudder  loose, trim tab totally mis-adjusted. This caused side lean and yaw, impacting spray and the wake.
2. Hydrogate also loose. Enlarged slots and added some beefier screws, stainless fender washers to support
3. Weight Reduction: Wake Size =  (boat weight) divided by (hull lift pressure).  The 200 has a lot of lift, but reducing weight still helps. Removed 150lbs (front filler, subwoof, rear seat complete, jump seat, & installed Anti-gravity Lion battery). Also can improve the floor and swim grid weight, by using composites.
4. Prop : The stock ACME 654 is pretty sweet. A 422 prop adds "free" transom lift and a 668 even more. This is because the blades drive down, lifting the driver side up and out. More pitch or cup the better for that. The 654 has exquisite deep water starts though, so it will be a tough decision there. I feel the 422 provides a stronger support on the handle exiting the turn.  

5. Result:  Happy to say the SN 200 is now on par with the Carbon TSC project for wakes, and provides a super solid and consistent pull as well. The CAT exhaust is clean and Linc systerm/software is great to use. The foam path laid down by the chines helps the ski rocket through the wakes. This is a benefit skiers are having taking on the course for competition.  The 15 off wakes are a bit of a platform but very ski-able because the pull is so good.  And you can add people without too much of an impact on the skiing experience.     


So the Carbon TSC project is undergoing a renovation. The modified TSC hull was pretty cool as change we put into the boat showed up on the new model 2020 Carbon Ski Nautique. The force sensor control box that we developed called "iSki" does a good job of emulating ZO's A1-A3 as well.   For pure skiing, it's a heck of a bargain :) 






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