Why Trick skiing is a good thing

Trick skiing is the purest form of water-skiing. There is just the skier, ski and handle with complete freedom to move in any direction with no fin.

Toe tricks can help build that over-used slalom back leg as well. So there is even a re-hab component to tricks. The body can take a break because not only is line load is lower, buy you can ski in reverse position. 

There is nothing better on sunny and calm day on the lake to drop in a bust out a nice trick run of ski lines, body overs and wake 720's, Just kidding ;) reverse wraps, wake 180's and 360's are a lot of fun. Get those down and move to try a W540 or step-overs. 

Save fuel too because tricks are done at 17-20 mph. You can ski all day long and still have enough left in the tank to break out the tubes!




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