Slalom Skier's Harness

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The FM Slalom Skier's Harness is a product similar to a windsurf harness and jumper's sling that instantly transforms your skiing.

- Reduces back strain, grip and arm fatigue 
- Improves skiing posture
- Automatically induces counter-rotation of the "West-Coast" style
- Adjustable from low to high suspension assistance
- Works with any vest and off-the-shelf gloves
- Low cost and lightweight!

The harness also helps with the following:

 The FM Slalom Harness assists the skier in development of a more relaxed grip resulting in more efficient pulls. It's also a supporting device that helps in deep water starts. It's fun and it works.

Notes:  The FM Harness is threaded through strap loops of your vest, or attached to the vest lumbar area. Gloves are not included and shown for demonstration purposes only. Requires minor modification to your gloves to use the hook hardware provided.

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