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The FM handle guard is designed for lightweight, aerodynamics and great style! The FM guard is available in numerous sizes as well as an adjustable version and is made from quality UV-stabilized engineered plastic.

Select the size that best fits your handle:

Name Handle bar Dimensions
HG1 Fits a 12 inch handle bar that has a depth of 8-9 inches   
HG2 Fits a 12 inch handle bar that has a depth of 9-11 inches   
HG3 Fits a 12 inch handle bar and is adjustable to smaller sizes ( 8",10"), and fits a depth of 11-13 inches  
HG4 Fits a 13 Inch handle bar that has a depth of 8.5-9.5 inches   
HG5 Fits a 13 Inch handle bar that has a depth of 9.5 + inches   


UV rated tie wraps are included to attach to handle. A handle guard is installed to reduce the risk of handle/yoke entrapment during a fall. Using a guard does not eliminate the risk of getting caught-up in the handle. 

The first step to rope-related injuries is prevention.  

1. With each fall there is risk. Try to eliminate all falls and crashes. 
2. Make sure your ski is setup to ride smoothly and stably. In particular your fin surface area should be in spec. for safe turns and holding power.
3. Always ski behind the handle and with a tight line. If you encounter slack line discover the reasons why and work to fix them.
4. The speed at which the handle is pulled away from the skier decreases as the line gets shorter. 35 off and above are particularly dangerous if you are experiencing falls, slack rope or have a ski setup that is not able to ride the line length safely and in control. At shorter lines the skier turns back into the handle faster, and at the same time the handle is removed from the skier at a slower rate.
5. Reduce boat speed if something isn't working for you that day. Avoid situations where you feel pressured to "push it" and ski with safety as a priority. 
6. "Pros make it look so easy". While it is a lot of work and requires top athletic training, skiing a well tuned setup on a very short rope will look easy. However, the best skiers in the world are very experienced and well prepared professional athletes, some of the finest in the world in any sport. They are able to ski aggressively but do so in territory they are familiar with and most always in control. Their careers depend on it. So whatever your level, patience and technical understanding is a key element.

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