REVO 500 : Heel & Toe Clamp System

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Custom Build Polymer Tough Engineer Design Quad Zone Super Light Super Tough Tour Tested Toe Clamp Clamp Release

**Please note - since we have a variety of liners available, they are to be ordered separtely.  Click here to view the liners we have available.**

The ultra-light REVO 500 Cinquecento Heel and Toe Clamp system is a clever and innovative releasable binding system.  Designed for Slalom or Tricks, the REVO 500  is a fantastic new binding solution that is fully compatible with our other REVO Solutions!

At less than 1/2 the weight of a Silvretta heel unit, the REVO 500  is a water-ski specific design.   

The REVO 500  heel clamps onto the hardshell boot ledge similar to a Silvretta unit, but has additional  side support & response for great skiing performance.

The boot may also be swapped into an Air Heel or Silvretta binding plate.

Release force is user-adjustable depending on the level of closure selected and very simple to use. 


  • Coloured Cuff Bolts
    • Choose between the standard white or black cuff bolts or between several eye popping colours! Choose the coloured cuff bolt option and write your desired cuff bolt colour in the comments.  Coordinate your system with red, blue, grey, neon yellow, pink, violet or orange cuff bolts.
  • Enclosure Options
    • Lacing
      • One buckle on the cuff, lacing on the boot shell.
    • Buckles
      • Two buckles on the cuff, two buckles on the boot shell with protective tongue flap, toe area lacing with pull tab and Bottle cord lock.
      • Customize your buckle placement on request, in the note section of your order.
    • Add Ons
      • Urethane Springs
        • Steel tab springs are upgraded to urethane. This option is recommended for salty or corrosive water.

        • Skier's Weight Range
          • Determines what ledge specification we use on the boot.
          • Choose for your correct weight in pounds or if you would like the PRO Setting.

        Hardware Included: Fasteners for plate attachment.

        Please order the boot liners of your choice separately. 

        This is for the purchase of the REVO 500 (front boot system and plate only).  Ski, handle guard, liners, EVO RS are shown for illustration purposes only and are to be purchased separately.

        Boots shown: Black/Red with EVO RS, White/Red, White/Black 

        Important Production Notice:
        We appreciate you visiting Fluid Motion Sports!
        Like many other businesses, staff shortages has challenged the way we normally fulfill orders.  In order to deliver a superior tailored product and enhance staff productivity for the 2023 season, this product will be assembled and dispatched within three production cycles:
        May 29-Jun 5
        July 10–24
        September 4–22.
        Our clients remain our top concern, and we anticipate a fantastic waterski season.
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