Fasteners: SS Ski Inserts Pkg of 10 w/tool

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Ten quality stainless steel inserts. Comes with installation tool.

Installation: Use masking tape to protect ski surface and mark insert locations. Drill a small pilot hole - such as 1/16" on center. Follow with a 13/64" drill to upsize the hole. Use a countersink bit to bevel down and dress the hole opening (optional).

Use the tool provided to install the insert into the ski body. An electric  drill/driver running on very slow speed is a good way to do this. Use a 2-part epoxy on the outside of the insert threads for best results. Hold the screw and with a small wrench or pliers back off the tool 1 turn. Remove the installation tool and screw from the insert. 

Coat a 8-32 screw with dish soap or vaseline and install into insert while the epoxy cures so the threads stay clean.




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