EVO Front Boot System

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Custom Build Cuff Release Engineer Design Super Tough Tour Tested Polymer Tough

**Please note - since we have a variety of liners available, they are to be ordered separtely.  Click here to view the liners we have available.**


  • Twin Buckle 
    • The front boot cuff is fitted with an extra buckle  which adds lower ankle stability (as pictured).
    • The front boot cuff is fitted with an extra buckle and internal HDPE support shims which add both extra support and stability (as shown in photo)
    • Z-Lock
      • Enhances the fit of the lower boot with an innovative, releasable Z-Lock buckle.
    • Add Ons
      • Urethane Springs
          • Steel tab springs are upgraded to urethane. This option is recommended for salty or corrosive water.

      • Binding Plate Underpad
          • Foam base provides shock absorption and protects the ski top.

      Please note the standard EVO Front Boot System contains one buckle only at the cuff.  Pictured is the Pro-Bild option with added Z-lock and the standard option.

      Hardware Included: Fasteners for plate attachment.


      *See service notice regarding shop production time


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