Liner: SK8 Premium Liner by Intuition Skate

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Heat Mold Air Cell EVA Foam Super Light

The SK8 is a premium liner with several interesting features.  The design is notable for a wide and supportive center tongue, lace up closure, configurable Velcro-in ankle support cuff panels and insert-able heel lifts. Perforated mid-sole and forefoot for ventilation on land use.

Pre-molded to size making it ideal for those who do not wish to mold their liners.

This model of liner has a higher cut with mid-size volume (ample cushion/support) around the ankle and a more conventional boot or liner feel.

Size     Height
(S)       ~ 8"
(M)      ~ 8.5"
(L )      ~ 9"
(XL)     ~ 9.5"

All liners can accommodate a range of sizing depending on how they are stretched out during the molding process.

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