Fin: Course Record Pacific

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The New Pacific Shape is in stock Now. Performance Guaranteed.

Lucky Lowe used the CR Pacific & fin block to win the 2008 US Master's National Title and set a new World Record of 2.5 @41!

The CR Pacific is a specialty fin to be used in shape ski or larger ski applications.  The CR Pacific frees up the rear of the ski for a friendlier ride and may be set to wider range of fin settings. This fin shape is our most dynamic profile and requires your current fin settings be converted to new measurments for depth or length and for distance to tail. We also provide a fin program for setup and conversion for all major ski makes.

Choose from the thinner 0.080" thickness or standard sized 0.100". These fins are CAD designed, hand finished, tuned and polished. Mounts to FM and most other fin blocks.  May require shortening of the fin or lengthening the fin slot on the ski for optimum fitting.




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