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September 25, 2017


October 9, 2017


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November 20, 2017


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December 18, 2017


This Radar Senate Ski is ready to be shipped as a part of our Dutch Auction listings.  Act quick before this system is gone! 

The Radar Senate is a slightly wider & actually a very good riding ski. Right up there with some of the best we've ever tested. The Senate can handle a wide range of speeds -  you can go slower and it's a lot of fun! We have no hesitation in recommending this ski for all levels from beginner to expert. The only knock on it vs a high performance ski is that it is slightly heavier due to core and construction, but that is what gives this ski a magic carpet ride vs something more twitchy. The ride is nice especially in less than ideal conditions! 

Radar Senate Carbon ski 67" 
Speed 28-36 MPH 
Weight 145-190lbs (at slower speeds you need a larger ski) 



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