D3 NRG slalom water ski 67" (ski only) NEW / Demo - (Like HO Connelly Radar)

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his ski is located in Canada on Sproat Lake, British Columbia. Therefore a great chance for Canadian skers to avoid import costs etc. 

Pair with your favourite FM EVO or R500 Boot system and you'll have a professional-grade, world class ski setup!

We received a recent shipment of goods from WA state and now have this great D3 NRG ski in 67". It is a factory test ride return that was previously ridden on test. It is a new ski with tool and hardware packet, binding area protector and no significant dings, chips or other marks. 

The NRG has a slightly wider profile in the forebody. It is a very light and responsive ski that rewards a powerful skier over 170lbs to about 200lbs. 34-36mph but can easily be skied at slower speeds 30-32 mph as well, even more-so with lighter skiers.

Quality ride that D3 is known for. D3 are tweaking their skis for different styles and settings. The NRG suits anyone looking for a stout, faster and slightly higher riding ski that won't crumble under competitive pressure!  

List price on this ski is $1850 USD or $2500 CDN 

Taking a bit of DNA from the EVO, the new NRG is faster (less effort) while still delivering the powerful edge-control that the NRG is famous for. The NRG features efficient, tight turns but still moves easily into the first wake. With cross course holding power that is unparalleled, the NRG’s deep concave creates a ride that is very stable. Symmetrical is a word that every member of our test team kept mentioning when riding the new NRG1. The NRG1 is fast behind the boat but shuts down quickly to give the skier space before the next buoy. If you are looking to experience quick, even, smooth-finishing turns on both sides of the course you owe it to yourself to try the NRG.

D3 Pro and Test Team skier Nick Parsons said, “The NRG R1 features refinements that have improved my skiing consistency. The NRG has a “livelier” finish, particularly on my onside. Additionally, the transition from the second wake rolling into the pre-turn has an easier-to-control roll. From pre-turn to finish the NRG is consistent and predictable.” The NRG features:

  • Deep, edge to edge concave for powerful hold across the course.
  • Wide fore-body for stability and support.
  • Narrow tail shape for the necessary control thru the turn.
  • Tip to tail gradual reduction in concave depth for speed and glide.
  • Torsional flex control for precise edge changes and smooth acceleration.
  • Inside radius side-cut produces maximum angle at finish of the turn.
  • Machine screw inserts accommodate most current binding systems.
  • Accuset Fin Block for laser aligned fin placement.
  • 67"



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