Fin: Course Record Callaway

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A bold new fin shape from Fluid Motion. The FM Course Record (CR) Callaway.

We carefully designed the hydrodynamics of the FM CR Callaway to deliver more of everything. More efficient turns, more ski in the water, more aggressive acceleration, more direction off the second wake, more width at the buoy, and more time to enjoy setting up that perfect turn, and just killing it.

There’s even more style and convenience. The CR Callaway will swap into most fin blocks keeping your exact same settings. There’s no need to go back to the drawing board on your ski setup, just a quick pit stop. There is also a handy 8 degree wing angle gauge edge built right into the fin shape.

We won't make you do the math, but want you to experience the performance. Guaranteed.

American made and tuned by hand with a brushed aluminum finish that says you are a skier to the core. Make the ski do whatever you want.

Choose from the thinner 0.080" thickness or standard sized 0.100".  (note: fin blade only is included with this item)




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